When it comes to music venues, you want to give your customers the best experience possible. So, not only do you want to think about sound systems but you will also want to take into consideration safety aspects.

What music venue installations should I think about?

Music venues over the last couple of years have been shutting down, and it has now become harder to see your favourite band or singer. Venues hosting live music are often found in almost every large town in the UK, and range from the back rooms of a pub to some of the largest music venues you have ever seen.

The systems that are required for a music venue are very complex. Which is why we always think, you should consider having a specialist contractor attend site to help with any installations.

Server Rooms

Server rooms are a big job and are not something you will want to do on your own. It is one of the most important places within your music venue as it will be the place which holds all personal data. It is also the pinnacle to the running of your music venue as it will often determine lights and other computer features.


In a large venue, you will need a significant amount of cabling. Cabling can often be something that is rather overwhelming especially when it is not something you are commonly used to. Bespoke cabling installations are one of the best ways to do this; most cabling installations companies will provide tailored cabling to best suit your music venue.

They will also work alongside any other contractors on site, or with your current set up. For example, working with your sound systems to ensure you get the most out of your music venue.

Fibre optic cabling is also something you may want to consider, increasing the reliability and durability of your cabling solutions. Fibre optics will also improve the security of any data you hold for example when you collect customers names and dates of birth.

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PA Systems

When it comes to keeping people safe, you might want to consider installing a PA system for music venues. Crowd control can often be something that is a little hard, especially when there is a lot of people. But one of the best ways to get large groups of peoples attention is to talk through a PA system.

Sound System

One of the most obvious things you are going to install is a good sound systems. You will want to get the right sound across the entirety of your venue; there would be nothing worse than to have the music slowly dying down at the back of the venue. So looking for a good sound system is vital to your attendee’s experience.

Most sound systems for music venues are now more technological than they ever were before. One of the great things about the Hire Frequencies sound systems is that they use specialist software which allows them to take into account the layout of your venue but also your specific noise requirements. It means that the audio can be heard by everyone in the venue with the best quality sound.


Sound Proofing

If your music venue is located in an area where there is a lot of residential living areas, you might want to consider soundproofing your arena or music venue. Another thing to consider is anti-noise legislation, you can read more about it over on Eventbrite.

What many people do not know is that noise is like air, it can travel anywhere. It will usually leave a room from places such as windows, doors and even vents. When large volumes of noise are being produced, you can in some cases have the noise travel through the structure of the building which is commonly known as flanking sound.

To prevent noise escaping from doors and windows, you might want to look at installing good quality acoustic door seals. For best results, you may need to consider changing the doors to fire doors if you do not have them already.

If you have air ducts, this can sometimes be a pain; you will need to ensure an external box covers the end of the air duct. This will help muffle the noise as it exits the building, you should also think about installing acoustic foam on the exit as this will prevent the sound even more.

Lighting Sytems

Music venue lighting is one of the best ways to make your venue look more aesthetically pleasing, but also it creates the best ambience for a particular performer. Lighting in the music industry is a great way of portraying a song, depending on who you have performing at your music venue will depend on the type of lights you have. It allows attendees to experience the story behind the music.

Lighting is also a safety feature that must not be forgotten. Getting the lighting right, so people know where to go, or know precisely where they should be in case of an emergency is imperative.

Green Room

While it may not be high up on your priority list, a green room is a fantastic way to make the band or musician feel much more comfortable while at your venue. Often musicians will spend long periods of time in the green room to help prepare them before a show. The more inviting the green room, it is likely the musician will return in the future. If the band or musician has any special dietary requirements or speciality drinks, make sure they have been adhered to, you will want to make their experience as stress-free as possible.

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Music Venues

When it comes to music venues, you will want to provide attendees with the best experience possible. By following a couple of these installations, you can significantly improve the ways your music venue is run but also the aesthetics and safety of the venue.

Cabling installations and server room installations should be one of the first things you think of when you have your music venue revamped or if you have just bought on as this will be the overall infrastructure of the venue. It will help you establish where you will then have your sound system, PA system and lighting.

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