Going to the gym can be a tedious task for some and one of the best experiences for others. As a gym owner, you want to provide your customers with the best possible gym experience. Read on to find out how to do so…

The Gym Experience

Creating the best possible gym experience is not always about the workouts. There are a number of other ways you can improve the facilities and experience of your customers.


Everyone needs a little motivation when it comes to the gym, everyone motivates themselves in different ways, whether it is timing themselves or listening to music.

Installing a gym wifi network allows users to use their mobile devices without having to worry about their mobile data. When people sign up to a gym, they often assume it comes as the whole package, but this is not always the case. Wifi enables customers to get the most out of their workout and also helps them motivate themselves.

If your gym has a pool and parents are having to wait for their kids while they have lessons. Wifi will enable them to go about their day-to-day tasks without having to use hotspots.


Classes are a great way of providing customers with a step by step instructive work out; however, how many of your current gym goers are using them? It is often the case that customers are either ill-informed or are unsure of what the classes entail.

Audio visual systems are a great way of showcases class times and also snippets of what the work out actually are. F45 is a fantastic way of working out and have been taking full advantage of their audio visual screen. To get the most out of your work out they put a set of instructions on a number of screens around the room. They also have loudspeakers around the room to encourage you to push yourself that little bit further.

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Wearable Technology

Smartwatches and wearable devices are becoming ever more popular in the fitness world. Allowing you to track and watch your progress, the likes of FitBit have recently worked on a product which provides you with a unique coaching experience which cannot only be achieved at home but also at the gym.

For your customers to make the most out of their gym experience why not create your own downloadable applications. Most smartphones are able to download these apps; it is also a great way of giving your customers a more personal feel.

Monitoring fitness and your health help people know exactly where they are at and how close they are to achieving their goals. It also makes people more accountable for their results. By monitoring your progress, it will also give you essential feedback, so you know where you might need to focus on in the future.



A lot of people tend to be swift in the gym as they often believe their belongings are not safe. One of the best ways to use technology within a gym is to ensure all gym-goers have a safe place to put their belongings, not only does it make them feel more comfortable but they are also more likely to stay longer.

Secure lockers mean people do not have to keep their phones or car keys on them while they work out if they do not want to. It also means people are not walking around the gym causing a safety hazard leaving huge bags beside them.

If someone is paying a sum of money, they want to know that the gym is exclusive to only those with a membership. So, by making the entrance to the gym secure, you are giving customers reassurance that they will not have anyone off the street entering.


MyFitnessPal is a great of tracking your personal progress. The application allows you to personally track your diet, almost every branded and a non branded item is on the application which gives your the most accurate tracking.

Encouraging clients and customers to work towards a goal is a great, but you cannot always manage what they are eating. Oh She Glows is a fantastic application that has over 140 plant-based recipes on. Not only are the meals extremely healthy, but they also look very aesthetically pleasing, so if your customer or clients are ever having people down they don’t need to be drawn into having a takeaway or unhealthy dishes. Each recipe on the app had a brief description along with directions and a list of nutritional information.

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Why Gyms Should Use Technology

Adopting technology within the gym environment is a great of ensuring customers will come back for more, it is also a great way of guaranteeing a long lasting customer. Gym-goers are looking for more than just a place for them to work out, they are looking for other forms of motivation. Technology is a great way of motivating customer. Motivation comes in so many forms, and you want to help your customers get the best out of their gym experience.

If technology is also using social media platform to track progress, once someone has shared their personal progress the motivation effect is amplified. When someone posts about what they are doing and what they have achieved, we are all more likely to want to do better than the others.

How To Utilize Technology To Its Maximum Potential

  • Technology is a great way of tracking a members activity and outcomes, meaning they get the best possible gym experience.
  • Employ technology to help customers reach their end goals not only inside the confines of the gym.
  • Wearables allow customers to track their progress at home and use videos produced by the gym.

Encouraging gym members to use technology in the gym does not only allow them to keep records of how well they are doing, but it also shows them the many ways they can improve. For example, encouraging clients or customers to video themselves lifting weights means they can see where they might be going wrong. Someone can tell you a hundred times to straighten your back while lifting a heavyweight but until you actually see it.

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