Some of the most successful companies have some of the happiest employees. A lot of businesses thinking motivating and inspiring their staff means giving them bonuses and pay rises. However, you will find that this isn’t the only thing that can help boost morale and improve productivity. Making your office somewhere your employees enjoy working and more harmonious workplace. Here we are going to discuss seven tips on how to improve your office.

How to improve your office

There are both physical and intangible changes you can make to your office. Large office with open plan spaces can be noisy and distracting, and this is one of the main office options most companies adopt, however, don’t realise the damage it could be doing to their staff. There are a few things you can do to improve your workplace and help employees enjoy coming to work that little bit more.

Natural light

Everyone always goes on about how beneficial natural light is for the body. But it is true and isn’t something we should brush under the rug and claim its an old wives tale. Not only does natural light look better in the office but it also has a direct link to whether your employees receive enough sleep and retain enough energy throughout the day. If your employees gain more sleep, they are more likely to be in a better frame of mind for work and will also find that they are ready to start the day a lot sooner than they normally would.

Creative rooms

Providing your employees with a space whereby they can be as creative as possible will improve work flow. It allows employees to pitch a variety of ideas; it has been proven that bouncing a range of ideas across a team will mean you get the best out of them.

Audio visual systems are a great way of increasing efficiency for staff meetings. It can sometimes be a pain taking your employees out of their working day to attend meetings that can simply be done over the phone or via a videoing service. An av system not only saves you time but will also save your business a vast amount of money as employees are no longer claiming expenses. This will also improve their efficiency and will improve communications across the business.

Audio Visual Systems in Conference

Quiet rooms

The layout of your business will depend on the type of communication you need throughout your teams. Many companies may need this structure for their workload to be completed and for employees to effectively interact with one another. If you do have this office structure, you may want to think about having quiet zones or rooms, where employees can retreat they need a minute of quiet or no interruptions when completing a task. Many employees have noticed that when they take time out of their day to sit in a quiet room can improve mood and productivity.

An open door policy

Having an open door policy is something we believe every business should adopt. Often employees feel they are more valued in a business and enjoy coming to work more if they are listened to and appreciated. Managers are there to manage but to also coach their employees, in some cases where employees have been tended to regularly and kept in the loop of general business they are more involved in team work and are normally more willing to take a bigger workload on.


WIFI has now become a necessity for most businesses, not only can it improve your workplace but it can also help employees and clients. Allowing your employees to link to the wifi using multiple devices improves productivity and innovation. It is also a great way of impressing clients if you have someone waiting patiently in a waiting room what is the first thing they are going to do? Most will either take their phone or smart device out to link to your wifi.

Work space

Creating the best workspace can improve employee performance. You will need to ensure everything is within reach and monitors are within eye line. You are meant to keep your neck and back straight when sitting for hours at a computer. We recommend taking a look at the Ergo-Tek mesh manager chair at Office Furniture Online, they provide essential back support you may need. You also need to make sure your desk has enough space for you to fit everything as well as additional storage for any filling you may need to keep. Check out Chair Office for a range of under-desk storage solutions, this way you can make the most out of your desk space.

Interactive whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is a great way for visualising thoughts and creations allowing you to fire out ideas in a split second before you forget them. They are also a great way of remembering things, you can create daily to do’s for your teams and can update and send information via the whiteboards. It allows you to become more organised and in control of your workload.

Interactive Whiteboard


In order to get the best out of your employees, it is important to make your workplace visually stimulating. Employees tend to be a lot more productive and efficient when they enjoy where they work. You will want to minimise the amount of time they spend going to and from meetings, and an audio-visual system is a great way of doing so. Quiet rooms and natural light have been proven to improve the mental health of your employees promoting good sleep and improved energy. By improving energy and sleep they come to work ready to go as soon as they sit at their desks rather than wasting an hour trying to figure out what they need to get done.

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