Every business owner will always want to stay ahead of the competition and remain on top; it’s only natural. However, did you know that you need to stay on top from an experience perspective too?

It’s all well and good being able to provide the latest technologies for your clients, but if your implementation skills are as good as a donkey’s accuracy when mowing a lawn, you’re going to struggle.

It is important to keep the customers best interests at heart, and offering them the best service possible as well as the best product will only end well in the short and long term.

These are our 3 IT solutions to improve efficiency for 2017.

Improved Data Cable

In recent years, cabling and the various forms of it have had a significant involvement in the productivity of large organisations. Naturally, better quality cable, leads to a better connection and increased performance.

However, there are many small and medium-sized businesses still running on traditional methods of cabling and connectivity.

If you really want to rise in 2017, consider a wiring overhaul with a full data cabling audit and refurbishment.

Headset for IT in 2017

Secured Server Rooms

Unfortunately, more and more businesses, especially data centres become vulnerable to cyber attacks and break-ins. The once secure data centres are no longer the solid foundations that they once were.

To help fight against cyber crime and physical crime, data centres and server rooms must be secured. The use of proven server room CCTV systems have proven to reduce the number of break-ins and hacks in 2016, and it is something we heavily recommend for businesses that handle sensitive information.

VoIP Telephone Systems

Moving on from security, we take a look at efficiency and how it can be improved. VoIP or Voice Over IP systems are the recent addition to the technology available to small and medium-sized businesses.

The phone system is connected via the internet and is given an IP address. Any communication is then made across the bandwidth and can improve up-time, reducing the chances of any drop-outs.

For more information on VoIP systems, click here.

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