Slow internet speeds can be such a pain especially when you are trying to work or get things done by a particular time. We all dread that moment your web browser states it is no longer connected to the internet. We will often go into panic mode, but you no longer need to with our top tips on how to troubleshoot your internet. Check out the reasons why your internet went down in the first place and how to deal with it.

Why your internet went down!

Sometimes it is not always your fault to why your internet connection is either incredibly slow or just non-existent. If you are struggling to get a connection or it is taking ages for a webpage to load, test the speed of your internet using Speed Test. It will tell you the download and upload speed. If your internet is running slower than what you are paying for, then it is highly recommended you contact your provider and get someone to come and have a look at your router and cabling. Alternatively, if you are paying for a slow connection, you may want to think about purchasing a faster speed connection.


We are not talking about your age but the age of the computer, some older devices may struggle to get onto the internet. If you have an older model computer, you may find that it needs additional memory to get the best speeds.


Routers are small devices that help manage your network; sometimes they work that little too hard which means problems then occur. You may find yourself needing to restart the device continuously. In some cases, it can just be one restart in others where you are needing to restart the router every couple of hours may require you to purchase a new one.

You can also look into the settings of your router, which might mean getting the manual out. It may sound silly, but a lot of parents will apply controls which means the wifi turns off after a particular time in the day, they then forget they have applied this and think the router is no longer working.

You may also want to check other devices in your home if other devices are working you may have an issue with the physical device rather than your internet.

Wifi Router


If you are using the wifi and the router is working fine, you may find that your wifi signal is actually weak. In this instance, you may need to reposition or boost your router. If your working in a large office or are in a larger space where the signal may be weaker in certain areas we recommend installing wifi boosters, they are an inexpensive fix which will help you get the best signal in almost any area within your office or home.

Bandwitch hogging apps and plugins

If your devices are working fine, then you may want to think about what other applications or plugins could be hogging the connection. If you are regularly downloading large files then the tool you may be using could be making your web browsing much slower. You can install other applications that will help out with those that might be hogging or using a significant amount of the connection such as Adblock Plus.

Other service applications such as Google drive or drop box will also be using a significant amount of your connection. All of these devices will sync files from your computer to the application which can eat away at your bandwidth. We are not saying get rid of these applications altogether as they can be extremely useful, but you may want to either pace or quit the application when you are not using them.

block application

Fibre cabling

One of the best ways to get better internet speed is to change your old copper wires or cables to fibre optic cabling. Fibre cabling is naturally faster than a traditional internet cabling. By installing fibre cabling, this means that the signal or information can travel a the speed of light.

If you are using your wifi connection for work than it may be ideal for you to have fibre optic cable as it is much more reliable and significantly safer. It allows more devices to be connected to the internet without interfering with the connection or speed of others. On traditional cabling systems no more than three people can be connected at one time.

Work smart

If you are needing to work on a slow connection why not think about prioritising tasks which may not require you to use the internet so much. If you are using a word editing tool why not use those that are already installed onto your PC or laptop which do not need the internet such as Microsoft Word.

Find a new provider

If you are struggling to get a connection and have gone through each troubleshooting stage, then your best bet might be to look at changing providers. Due to stifling competition you will be able to find a provider that is not only cheaper than your previous one but will also have better bandwidth. If you would like more information on which provider to go with and who provides the best deals for the best price we recommend taking a look at BroadBandChoices.

internet speed

Internet speed

Having dodgy internet speed can be such a pain, even more so when you are trying to send files or downloads large pieces of information. We always suggest not panicking as in most cases it makes things worse, takes a look at your router first. It may need a simple restart which requires you to turn the unit on and off again which will only take a few seconds.

If you have plugin or applications that are taking a considerable amount of your bandwidth up, you may want to look at installing a blocker or merely turning off the application while not in use. We hope this article was helpful!

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